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Play pet dog games online - virtual pet games with your own virtual pet. Play the role of the pet grooming stylist. It's fun to design stylish outfits for your pets, dress up, groom, shelter, feed and take care of cuddly and cute little pets online!
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Elephant Games

Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo tycoon 2 is a fun simulation and strategy game that teaches you everything you need to know about running your own zoo. The game contains a lot of reading so parent supervision is advised for younger children, children older then then six years old shouldn't have any problems understanding the game. The game lets player build their own zoo full of different animals and the goal is for every animal, worker and visitor to be happy. Zoo tycoon 2 lets you choose two different views in which you can play the game. The bird's-eye view lets player build new exhibits while existing ones can be altered and maintained. The game features a lot of objects that can be used to customize the look of the zoo. Player can build shelters, lakes,toys for the animals and even plant trees.

After making an exhibit the player can adopt an animal. The first person mode lets player get close to the animals and from there basic actions can be performed, like feeding an animal, washing it or picking up litter. All these actions can be performed simply by pressing the spacebar. Unfortunately the game can only be played as a single player. Zoo tycoon 2 offers three different play modes that have adjustable goals, which makes the game fun to play over and over. The game can be altered by purchasing different expansion packs which can be bought in retail or online. The player will learn a lot about animals and their basic needs in order to succeed in the game. Zoo tycoon 2 also features built in zoopedia, a reference guide powered by Microsoft that gives you additional facts about animals. The US version also has a bonus DVD that contains series of short documentaries about many animals that we find very educational. Overall Zoo Tycoon 2 is a very fun game that can with time teach children about basics of owning a pet.

Game score: 7.5/10    Available for:MacintoshMS Windows
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Pet dog games are pet games featuring dogs, cats, birds, fish, ponies, hamsters and other cute animals. Giving your children their very own pet could mean a lot fun for them, but this could also mean lots of work for parents, attending to the well-being of the pet. A virtual pet offers a different story. It requires no serious monitoring and care taking. You can leave the house without worrying about their innocent actions. Virtual pets are fun to play with. Choose from a wide selection of virtual animals like dogs, cats, birds and ponies. Similar to real-live animals, these pets can also interact and socialize. The pets will need feeding as they grow hungry, require regular bathing, sleeping, and will even make cute faces when they want to play. But they become sick too. Pet dog games also offer various mini-games with pet items like colorful dresses, fancy hats, and shiny pair of shoes which can be used to customize the appearance of pets.
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