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Play pet dog games online - virtual pet games with your own virtual pet. Play the role of the pet grooming stylist. It's fun to design stylish outfits for your pets, dress up, groom, shelter, feed and take care of cuddly and cute little pets online!
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Dog Games

Dog's Life

Dog`s Life is one of the most funny and exciting games for pet lovers. It is something completely different than what we are used to. We have all been super heros that save the earth, soliders that fight enemy forces or just plain race drivers that race against one another in order to cross the finish line, but a dog!? We have never been a dog. Everything about the game is funny, even the controls are hilarious, I mean have you ever heard of a poop button? Because this game has one. If you think that's weird, wait till we tell you, you can choose direction to pee in. The game is made for immature children, and that is why we love it!

The goal of the game is pretty simple, you play the character of cute fox hound dog called Jake. Jake is trying to save his one true love, female dog named Daisy from a group of criminals working for one and only Mrs. Peaches. Needless to say Mrs. Peaches owns a cat food factory that makes cat food out of dogs and wants to make new cat treats out of Daisy. Dog's life is filled with numerous challenges that involve races against other dogs, digging or marking as much territories as possible in order to collect as much golden bones as you can in order to move forward or get help from other dogs in the game.

The game really shows you what it is like to be a dog since you even have to use the dog`s nose to smell for clues. With every challenge completed you get closer to the whereabouts of youre love Daisy wich means more challenges and more fun. Since it is a game designed for the children at no point the game gets too puzzling or frustrating but that doesn't mean that it`s not for grown up`s, no matter your age this game is great. The landscape is simple yet very beautiful. Unfortunately it comes with a few graphic and sound glitches that we are completely willing to overlook since the originality of the game is overwhelming. If you want to play something that is completely different than what you're used to, Dog's Life is definitely a way to go (even if you are a cat person).

Game score: 7/10    Available for:PlayStation 2
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Pet dog games are pet games featuring dogs, cats, birds, fish, ponies, hamsters and other cute animals. Giving your children their very own pet could mean a lot fun for them, but this could also mean lots of work for parents, attending to the well-being of the pet. A virtual pet offers a different story. It requires no serious monitoring and care taking. You can leave the house without worrying about their innocent actions. Virtual pets are fun to play with. Choose from a wide selection of virtual animals like dogs, cats, birds and ponies. Similar to real-live animals, these pets can also interact and socialize. The pets will need feeding as they grow hungry, require regular bathing, sleeping, and will even make cute faces when they want to play. But they become sick too. Pet dog games also offer various mini-games with pet items like colorful dresses, fancy hats, and shiny pair of shoes which can be used to customize the appearance of pets.
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